About Us

Leiston's Community Café

Project40Seven is a non-profit Community Café located in the heart of Leiston, offering a range of services and facilities to assist and support not only our community but those around us too.

At Project40Seven, we believe in making a difference, not a profit. Our multi-use space includes The Leiston Pantry, the Library of Things, a Uniform Exchange, the Repair Café, Crafted, Refill Zero Waste Shop and once our phase two works are completed... Learn More

Making a Difference in the Community!

Are you in need of a relaxed, informal place that provides a range of services and facilities that allow you to support yourself? Look no further than Project40Seven! 

We offer a social supermarket, a library of things, a repair café, a uniform exchange and more. Our goal is to help our communities thrive within their budgets while promoting sustainability and reducing waste. 

To support this we will also be home to several retail outlets ... Learn More

Together We Can Make a Difference

At Project40Seven, we have a unique story as do each of our volunteers. We were established to fulfil several needs within our local and broader communities, providing facilities that allow everyone the opportunity to thrive despite the cost of living. Covering everyone that might need us within the IP15, IP16 & IP17 postcode areas, our goal is not to make a profit but to make a difference!

We differentiate ourselves from other businesses b... Learn More


Parking available
Debit & Credit Cards accepted
Wifi on the premises
Good for children
Wheelchair accessible
Repair shop
Uniform exchange
Local crafts